Hempsolv was started with the vision to make trusted, premium quality products for customers at a competitive price. Each product is developed with the help of customers who test formulas until a final one is determined.


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Hempsolv, a Portland-based company providing high-end hemp products, approached us seeking a transformation in their online presence. They faced challenges related to inconsistent content and layouts across their social media platforms and email communications, which did not align with the premium quality of their offerings. Our team collaborated closely with Hempsolv to address these issues comprehensively.

We developed visually striking and cohesive social media templates that not only elevated their brand image but also ensured reusability, saving valuable production time. These templates were meticulously crafted to resonate with Hempsolv’s high-end product line, creating a compelling visual narrative for their audience.

Additionally, we designed an elegant email template using Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform. This bespoke template not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also streamlined their email marketing efforts. By integrating seamless automations and campaigns, we optimized their email communications, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience for their community.